University LipDub - What do you do after studying?

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We welcome you to our University LipDub website and are very happy to see that you found your way on this page! You can also view this website in german version.

Watch the video

Screenshot Video - University LipDub

Certainly we think the first thing you want to do is to watch the University LipDub #1 video production?! You can watch it over the videos page which we made available.

What is this all about?

What is this University LipDub thing all about? You will find it out on the project page. If you like the idea we collected a few interesting guidelines and tips. See the Join the project page. After reading you have the chance to create your own University LipDub video production.

Join and commit your video

If you have produced your own University LipDub you can commit your video it with a few information directly on this website.

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Now have a nice time on our University LipDub website! - The productionteam