How to join?!

Screenshot Video - University LipDub

In case you want to participate in the University LibDub project, here are a few advices and hints for you and your team.
A well thought-out concept and a even better preparation is already the half rent. Doing this, it is easily possible to follow our few advices to be accepted as a next great answer to our University LibDub.

Good luck and have fun!

Advices and hints

  1. LipDub means: dub with your lips!
  2. Take a well-chosen ingenious song!
  3. Persuade even crazier students than yourself to assist you!
  4. At least one professor has to appear in the video!
  5. The lipdub has to be shot in your university / on your campus.
  6. Don't use a single cut!
  7. Have heaps of fun!

LipDub means: dub with your lips!

If you are planning to film your own University LipDub video make sure that (beside the one-single-shot principle) your participants have to do real lip-dubbing!
This is one of the most important goals to reach! If you make a video where you cannot see really people "singing" with synchronized lips it is not a lipdub video and it cannot be accepted as a University LipDub!

Your song

This is really important and the first step towards an awesome lipdub! Do not necessarily choose a song everybody knows already from the radio. Nobody wants to hear a song which has been played over thousand times on their favourite broadcast. Bestsellers only seems to be a good choice in the first few moments. Choose a song which is not that world famous, though fits your imagination!

The song is your basis - though it hasn't to be your spotlight at the end of your production. Question your team what you want to show! Choose a song with ongoing beat and still leaves good opportunities to synchronize your singers with your song. Simple lyrics which are understandable are often the best! Start a list with your ten favourite songs, define criteria for your final choice.
That means - listen, listen, listen.

Your students

screenshot video - University LipDub

Obvious, a good bunch of students is as important as a well-chosen song. Choose and accept only students who are really willing to perform and to cross their own limits (in case of talent of acting). Organize a briefing for the students which are interested to participate in your lipdub. At this time the concept should nearly be ready. Eventually you should know how many singers, extras and assistants you need.

Profs?! Staff?!

Yes, of course! Part of every university are their professors and staff members. Persuade them to participate in your lipdub. It will be even more diversified. Why shouldn't you take the chance and tickle out the talent of acting of your professor.

Your set, your university!

This is one of our important conditions! It's an university lipdub! Show us that your studies are even more fun! And eventually you guys should be committed to your university, aren't you?! Of course, your lipdub doesn't have to happen all the time inside your university. Film your campus, film your canteen, your gym, your student center and so on. Be creative!

Not a single cut!

Oh yes, it is difficult. It is one of the hardest challenge you will have to surpass during your production, though it is doable. Yes, we didn't have a single cut in our production as well. This is one challenge you should face as well! Although it is really tricky at the first moment, it will bring you even more fun!

Have heaps of fun!

Without fun it will hardly be a great production. It's everywhere like that, not only for your lipdub. Your own lipdub should communicate heaps of fun. We guarantee it will bring loads of fun if you are well prepared and everybody is willing to perform! So let's do it!