What is LipDub?

Screenshot Video - University LipDub

For about one year ago the new word "lip dub" was spreaded into the whole world wide web. Especially on video platforms like vimeo or youtube it became more and more popular. But what stands behind the word lip dub and what does it really mean?

The term "lip dub" was coined by Jakob Lodwick, founder of Vimeo. (from vimeo.com)

The idea and the word were formed by the founder of vimeo and became popular with publishing the world-wide first "office lipdub" by New York agency "Connected Ventures". This established a new way of company presentation in the web. Till this day many companies did it the same way with their ow "office lipdub".

What is to do while making a "lip dub"?

LipDub is composed of the two words lips and dubbing and means with a free interpretation to synchronize your lips with a song. When doing a lip dub you have to sing or speak the lyrics of a self-chosen song which is playing at the same time. This way of adding your lips movement to the song gives the interesting impression of really singing the song by yourself while hearing the original sound.

In the past many "lip dubbers" used this enjoyable effect with their own lipdub video: from freaky "singers" in front of a webcam to a long 3-4 minutes company presentation with a lipdub video. Everything is done. But still not one thing: University LipDub.