The Idea behind University Lipdub

Screenshot Video - University LipDub

In early 2008 the idea for this amazing University Lipdub gained ground. Inspired by the well known Office Lipdub, we, already six students, thought about how an University Lipdub could look like. We wanted to create a lipdub which highly differs from the already existing lipdubs. Already having a well founded knowledge on the technical side and on the visual side we wanted to produce a lipdub which agrees a higher quality level and at the same time creates a new type of lipdub. University Lipdub?!

University LipDub?!

We want to create a lipdub community for every university and university of applied sciences worldwide! Every student probably knows what he or she likes the most about their university and should be able to present this in a certain way. Companies of different countries already have done this within the Office lipdub community. - The idea for the University Lipdub community was born.

Convinced about your study

Creating University Lipdub, it is one of our biggest aims to show you folks out there, that we are convinced about our study. Our first University Lipdub shall transfer a general content feeling which we can experience at our Hochschule Furtwangen (in the black forest) everyday. Go ahead, and great your own amazing lipdub. Show us your abilities!

Show what you can do!

Screenshot Video - University LipDub

With our studies at the faculty of "Digitale Medien" we could create an exemplary with a demand of high quality. We realised the production of this video on our own initiative. Students are younger, much more open minded and sometimes even more creative than long time employers. This is the first important step to show your creativity to the world. Go ahead and show us what you are able to create!