University LipDub videos (#1 - #50)

You've done it! These are your first 50 University LipDub responses!

We proudly present the first 50 responses to the original University LipDub. Thank you all for your commitment!
Apart from the embedded videos there is also some information about each video production written by their producers. Enjoy watching!

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flag Netherlands   University LipDub #50 - Radboud University Nijmegen

university Radboud University Nijmegen,
The Netherlands
song Chumbawamba - Tubthumping
filmed/produced 23.04.2010
additional information
(by the production team)
The idea came from a student and freelance employee of the university magazine. A student association that celebrates its 20th anniversary this year was asked to co-operate in realising the project.
The production team consisted of two student employees and one editor of the magazine, and two students from the student association.
62 students, one teacher, one other university employee and a few unplanned extras featured in the video. Preparations took several months. Instructing all participants and recording took two hours. One rehearsal round was undertaken, and four official takes were recorded. We chose the last take as the official lipdub video.
Our project made the news on national television on the day of recording.

flag Canada   University LipDub #49 - Brock University

university Brock University,
St. Catharines, Niagara, Ontario Canada
song The Beatles - Come Together
filmed/produced 27.03.2010
additional information
(by the production team)
The concept behind this video was to bring together students from every part of life at Brock. Everyone on campus was invited, including clubs, associations, and athletics. We chose this song because the goal was to celebrate the entire community ‘coming together’. It was choreographed, rehearsed, and filmed in one day.
BrockTV filmed the project, while the student union and other student leaders rallied support, promoted, and choreographed it. Total number of students involved over the process was around 150, with staff taking part along the way.

flag France   University LipDub #48 - University St Serge of Angers

university University St Serge of Angers, France
Faculté de Droit, Economie et Gestion St Serge de l'université d'Angers
song The Ting Tings - Shut up and let me go
filmed/produced 16.02.2010
additional information
(by the production team)
This Lipdub is a university project in the context of our master 2 Marketing & IT. We made this project during the school year. We were four students to enroll to achieve this lipdub. For the selection of music we chose with the participants. We really wanted the participants are not just extras but actors in the project. Unfortunately the selected song was short of words, so we created a scenario around to justify the instrumental music.
Scenario: A student (played by several participants and recognizable by a dark leather jacket and a purse or backpack) arrives at the university and seeks his classroom. For this he enters several rooms. Within each room, when there are no words to the music, there is a group of students who are all dressed up in the same way. That is why we have a room chic & shock, fictional characters, the beach, the disco and the circus.
Then there are people who are placed to accompany the singers who play the role of the students.
The shooting took us two days. To get everyone together and avoid too many people in college, we filmed after 18 o'clock. The first night we trained, the second night we filmed! The person filming is the person who handles the multimedia department of the university. The course of filming went well, the participants were motivated.

flag USA   University LipDub #47 - University of California

university University of California,
Santa Barbara, CA USA
song Michael Franti & Spearhead - Say Hey (I Love You)
filmed/produced 21.02.2010
additional information
(by the production team)
The primary reason for producing the lipdub was to show off our University Center and to do something that would be fun for our student staff.
A planning committee of 8 career staff and 1 student employee from the University Center worked on the concept. We communicated with the Film Studies department to find two students (Eddie Smith and Alex Familian) who helped direct the video and handled the filming.
We spent about a month preparing for the video shoot and had confirmations from over 200 students who planned to show up for a four hour commitment. Unfortunately, there are plenty of other distractions in Santa Barbara on a Sunday afternoon and we only ended up with 70 very enthusiastic students (and two career staff) who were ready to demonstrate their talents. They also had to be able to keep running ahead of the camera from scene to scene so we would have enough bodies available to fill out the production. After several practice runs, we shot the video in one take.

flag USA   University LipDub #46 - Calvin College, USA

university Calvin College in Grand Rapids,
Michigan, USA
song The Rocket Summer - So Much Love
filmed/produced 24.04.2010
additional information
(by the production team)
We watched the original university lipdub and we were inspired! We worked on preproduction and choreography for four months.
On the day of production, we did the rehearsal and filming in three hours with a total of five takes. We decided to film at our college's newest building, the Spoelhof Fieldhouse Complex because of the visual opportunities that it provided.

flag Italy   University LipDub #45 - Accademia di Belle Arti Pietro Vannucci

university Accademia di Belle Arti Pietro Vannucci,
Perugia, Italy
song The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
filmed/produced 19.03.2010
additional information
(by the production team)
It took us 4 months to design and realize all the project. We filmed in one day and edited the second day.
More than 35 students, 5 professors and the Director of Academy.
The idea was to show our nice Academy to everyone, having students be filmed while working with painting, sculpture and other disciplines. Our Lip Dub has been very important in Italy, for many reasons: first of all we were the first Italian school to make a Lip Dub! Second: we filmed with a Nikon Camera!!! Not a normal videocamera... and it was mounted on a FlyCam 3000 PRO Steady Cam. The 14-24 mm incredible lenses did the rest of the work :-)

flag U.S.A.   University LipDub #44 - University of Wisconsin

university University of Wisconsin - River Falls (UWRF)
Wisconsin, United States of America
song The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Impression That I Get
filmed/produced 10.03.2010
additional information
(by the production team)
Over 50 Students, Faculty, and Staff (and one horse) came together in March 2010 to create our own version of University Lipdub here at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls (UWRF).
From the very beginning our number one objective, other than to have fun, was to make our video filled with as much UWRF school spirit as possible. We chose our beautiful University Center, which opened in January 2007, as our venue to film, and we are incredibly grateful for all of the help and assistance the building staff provided us.
From January to March 2010 the four directors/producers and our 2 advisors met once a week for six weeks to plan out our video and come up with our vision. We had a three hour rehearsal with all of our participants on March 9th, 2010, and we filmed at least seven takes in two hours the following night, March 10th, 2010. What you see here is our very last take. The directors/producers of this project would like to thank everyone involved in making our dream a reality.
We at UWRF are tremendously proud of our University, and our Lipdub, and we hope that’s The Impression That You Get.

flag France   University LipDub #43 - HEC School of Management

university HEC School of Management, Paris, France
song The Platters - Only you
filmed/produced 10.04.2010
additional information
(by the production team)
We wanted to make the first slow motion lipdub! But for that we needed to record the song while it was accelerated 2,5 times! So in the end the shot lasted only about one minute!

flag Poland   University LipDub #42 - Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu, PL

university Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National Louis University in Nowy Sącz, Poland
song The Fernets - I can't explain
filmed/produced 18.02.2010
additional information
(by the production team)
Idea came from the internet when one of our friend found one of the lipdub at the He spread out the information about this project to us, and we decided to make our own LipDub WSB-NLU. We wrote a script, gathered the students from our school, made some meeting with them and set the date of shooting.
In organization team which we named LipDub Team were seven people. We made three shoots and the last one was the best. Whole thing took us few hours.

flag Uruguay   University LipDub #41 - University of Montevideo

university School of Communication,
University of Montevideo,
song Michael Jackson Black or White
filmed/produced 18.03.2010
additional information
(by the production team)
About 80 people, including students, teachers and maintenance staff.
The idea came to us through the professor of digital journalism at the school, who saw the video of the Hochschule Furtwangen University. It seemed a great idea for students to work as a team. The production was made by Professor Javier Callejn. He choose Black or White from Michael Jackson because of the rhythm and the possibility to make choreographies. He made a technical script and then an animated video with the locations of each person folowing the music.
For us it was really important that everyone would know the lyrics of the song. Then they divided the tasks among the students, each had an assigned role and a detailed script.
On March 17 there was a general rehearsal for the camera tests and the day after the shooting took place. The cameraman was professor of script and filmmaking, Andrs Salaberri. The video was shot six times during a two hours period. Afterwards we choose the last version. All the University collaborated to complete this work.

flag India   University LipDub #40 - Vellore Institute of Technology, India

university Vellore Institute of Technology
Tamil Nadu - India
song Timbuk 3 - The future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades
Mika - We are golden
Love Aaj Kal - Twist
filmed/produced 29.01.2010 (before 2 weeks of pre-production)
additional information
(by the production team)
Over 120 people was involved in the video including some professor and staff
We didn't know about, we just saw the I gotta Feeling lipdub and we thought it could be cool to do something similar. We are European students in an Internship in India. We used 3 songs because we wanted a shot with dance but also good lyrics. The first thing to do was the mix. Afterwards we did the storyboard working in the building. When we knew everybody's positions we arranged 10 coordinators. Each coordinator worked in a zone with his group.

flag Sweden   University LipDub #39 - Campus Varberg Sweden

university Campus Varberg, Varberg, Sweden
song Queen - Don't stop me now
filmed/produced 24.02.2010
additional information
(by the production team)
The student associations had an idea and put together a small group of a project leader and a few assistants. At the end there were about 50 people involved in the making of our LipDub.
We wanted to present our school, Campus Varberg, to future and existing students as well as friends and foes. The production is a one-take and we made about eight rounds until we were satisfied ... there's also a "crazy" one but it will never see the light of the public since some of the extras seemed to have a problem with keeping their clothes on :D

flag Morocco   University LipDub #38 - IIHEM Morocco

university International Institute for Higher Education in Morocco (IIHEM), Rabat, Morocco.
song Cosa Nostra - Made in Morocco
Black Eyed Peas - Now Generation
filmed/produced 04.03.2010
additional information
(by the production team)
The International Institute for Higher Education in Morocco is a multicultural school where students are more open to the west culture. Thus, the name of the first Lipdub in Morocco, Arab World and Africa couldn't stick in another university other than IIHEM.
The Initiative of making a LipDub came from a highly involved association called the Discovery Association where creativity and high performance are two brothers working together. Moreover, the Academic and the Administrative staff played a tramendous role in translating our hope into practice. Finally, after weeks of hard working, IIHEM got the exclusivity to call its Lipdub the first LipDub in Morocco, Arab world and Africa.
182 LipDuppers

flag Portugal   University LipDub #37 - ISCTE Portugal

university ISCTE - Lisbon University Institute
song David Fonseca - The 80's
filmed/produced 13.02.2010 (pre-production) - 15.03.2010
13.03.2010 (shooting)
additional information
(by the production team)
250 students / 1 teacher / 10 employees / 1 professional singer (David Fonseca)
ISCTE - Lisbon University Institute's Lip Dub is the first LipDub to be made in Portugal. The idea came from a group of students from the university (staff comitee) that started imagining what the video could be like.
The video was then shot on the 13th of March. The staff had had various meetings, but the actors only had one briefing and 7 hours of rehearsals. We shot 4 takes, and the last one was the winner.

flag Spain   University LipDub #36 - University of Navarra (FCOM)

university School of Communication,
University of Navarra, Pamplona (Spain)
song Rocky Sharpe and the Replays - Ramala Ding Dong
filmed/produced 10.02.2010
additional information
(by the production team)
The idea is to show how the most veteran School of Communication in Spain might be, at the same time, the funniest place to learn too. We would like to show how important are both students and alumni to us together with the bond of comradeship between professors and students.
Nearly 400 people took part in the first lipdub of the University of Navarra. The shooting was made in 3 takes although people haven't stopped dancing in our classrooms since that day.

flag Canada   University LipDub #35 - University of Alberta

university University of Alberta, Campus Saint-Jean
Edmonton, Canada
song Cobra Starship - Good Girls Go Bad
filmed/produced 07.02.2010 (from 9 Am to Noon)
additional information
(by the production team)
1 director/camera and 3 assistants director - 100 students, 4 admin staff, 2 profs, 1 alumni
We have decided to focus our lip dub on high energy, lip-sync and most importantly: FUN!!!!
Less than a month and an half of planning, shot in less than 3 hours with 4 takes (the third was the chosen one) with a total of 107 participants. We did a practice the day before with a handful of students. Nobody had experience in shooting a video and our production team was small. We used our planning skills to make it happen. We did an online registration one month prior to our event with a consent form included, which facilitate registration the day of shooting. We wanted to bring students of our Campus together and have a Sunday morning party!!! We had free coffee and donuts for everybody to start the day. Hummmmmm Donuts!!!

flag Canada   University LipDub #34 - University of Guelph

university University of Guelph, Canada
School of Engineering and others
song The Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)
filmed/produced 30.01.2010
additional information
(by the production team)
On January 30th, 2010 seventy students from the University of Guelph invaded the Thornbrough Engineering building with a devious plan. It took five hours to learn the route and film three takes!

flag United Kingdom   University LipDub #33 - Bucks New University

university Bucks New University - UK
song Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl
filmed/produced 20.01.2010
additional information
(by the production team)
It was created for a short project collaberation between Graphics and Advertising in a team of 7.
There is one of our tutors sitting in a chair at the start. None were involved in arranging any of the LipDub.
Two of us in the group came back drunk one night and found the LipDub video's on YouTube and we decided to make one, consulted our group in the morning and got started with only 5 days to prepare (not very long!). We were only allowed 30 minutes on the day after security clearance in our uni and had one practice and two takes with the camera rolling.

flag France   University LipDub #32 - Université de Strasbourg

university Université de Strasbourg, France
Faculté de pharmacie de Strasbourg
song Black Eyed Peas - Pump It
filmed/produced 11.11.2009
additional information
(by the production team)
1 director and about 200 students full of ideas!
No professor, No assistant, 2 student from the faculty of pharmacy of Tours (the 2 first ones in the movie) and the other students involving are from the second year to the 6th year!
In the beginning it was supposed to be only for the 6th year, in order to have a "souvenir" from our studies, but the other students (from the 2nd year to the 5th year) wanted also to be part of it! That's why we were about 200 (we're around 600 students from the second to the 6th year)! The 1st year are not involved because they have a "contest" at the end of their year, so they HAD to stay serious!

flag Brazil   University LipDub #31 - ESPM Brazil

ESPM Brazil
Publicidade e Propaganda 2009/2
song Queen - Don't stop me now
filmed/produced 12.12.2009
additional information
(by the production team)
30 people in a rush to complete the video.
30 students colaborating to realize a lipdub in 2 differente buildings.

flag Scotland   University LipDub #30 - University of St Andrews

university University of St Andrews, Scotland
Arts, Sciences, Modern Languages
song New Radicals - You Get What You Give
filmed/produced 17.12.2009 (began production)
12.01.2010 (filming)
23.01.2010 (finished production)
additional information
(by the production team)
On a chilly day in early 2010, over 75 students from different walks of life at the University of St Andrews came together to make a LipDub to the New Radicals 1999 hit, "You Get What You Give". As with all LipDub videos, the music video is recorded all in one take, with careful coordination between all of the students to ensure a fluid, exciting video.
The video took just over a month to organize and shoot, and it truly was a group effort led by Laura Fisher, along with cooperation from the university administration, buildings and grounds, athletic union, student activities office, and many more divisions on campus.

flag Brazil   University LipDub #29 - PUCPR Brazil

university Pontificia Universidade Católica do Paraná (PUCPR)
Curitiba - Brazil
song Ricky Martin Living la vida loca
filmed/produced 15.11.2009 - 15.12.2009
filmed: 14.12.2009
additional information
(by the production team)
The idea of the video is to show how the life of a college student is excited, crazy and strenuous. The musical choice was made to pass this feeling and keep the Latin rhythm. The production was designed by 3 professors of the course, along with the 38 students which developed a script. We have also the participation in this production 3 technician of the university. The recording was made on December 14th, 2009, and it was made in 3 takes.

flag Poland   University LipDub #28 - Adam Mickiewicz's University

university Adam Mickiewicz's University in Poznań
Department of Political Sciences and Journalism
song Alphabeat - Fascination
filmed/produced 13.12.2009
additional information
(by the production team)
1 director, 2 director assistants, 1 cameraman, 1 cameraman assistant and 8 organisers
Preparations for recording lasted over a month. 203 students and 4 professors took part in our project.
The preparations and the recording itself were accompanied by an amazing atmosphere. Out mutual work gave us a lot of satisfaction and fun. Our Lipdub is an answer to the question: What do you do after studying? In Lipdub performed, among others: students from a university choir, sports fan clubs, university interest clubs, an international students' exchange programme - "Erasmus". The whole was enriched with additional scenes, presenting our Lipdub as if it was a dream of one of our students. The dream that is being fulfilled for each student of AMU every day!

flag France   University LipDub #27 - IAE Caen

university IAE (Institut d'Administration des Entreprises) of University of Caen, France
song The Beach Boys - I Get Around
filmed/produced 07.12.2009
additional information
(by the production team)
The LipDub of the IAE of Caen, realized by 120 students and staff of IAE, december the 7th of 2009, on the song of the Beach Boys, "I Get Around". First LipDub realized by the IAE of Caen, it was done in 6 takes and in 2 hours.
Production team: 5 students & 1 steadycamer.

flag poland   University LipDub #26 - Warsaw School of Economics

university Warsaw School of Economics,
Warsaw, Poland
song Kenny Loggins - Footloose
filmed/produced 29.11.2009
additional information
(by the production team)
2 weeks of preparation, 5 hours of rehearsal and 4 hours of shooting - we proudly present First LipDUB from Warsaw School of Economics shot on November 29, 2009.

flag U.S.A.   University LipDub #25 - Boston University

university Boston University
song Jackson 5 - ABC and I Want You Back
filmed/produced 12/2009
additional information
(by the production team)
On a chilly day in early December 2009, over 120 students from different walks of life at Boston University came together to make a LipDub video to two of Jackson 5's famous songs: I Want You Back and ABC.
As with all LipDub videos, the music video is recorded all in one take, with careful coordination between all of the students to ensure a fluid, exciting video.
The video took just over a month to organize and shoot, and it truly was a group effort, with cooperation from the university administration, buildings and grounds, student activities office, and many more divisions on campus.

flag France   University LipDub #24 - CPE Lyon

university Engineering Grande Ecole CPE
Lyon, France
song Jet - Are you gonna be my girl
filmed/produced october/november 2009
additional information
(by the production team)
We are students from the Engineering Grande Ecole CPE Lyon from France. We filmed our lipdub on November 26th in about two hours with more than 200 students, professors and people working at the university.
We hope the video fits in the spirit of the project. We participated to a lipdub french festival in Nice but the winners were the university of Nice. Don't care, we had so much fun doing ours and we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did this day in november. enjoy!

The Shoot Time Team composed of about 15 students of CPE Lyon first defined the path of the camera according to the length and the rhythm of the song. The music was very fast so we had to hurry on the stairs! Then, the path was divided in many areas of which a team of 3 or 6 students managed (singers, costumes, choreography, colors, background...).
It took us a little month to prepare the shooting day. We filmed a first version of the lipdub with the complete team as an example. The shooting day was thursday afternoon, november 26th, when the students didn't attend to school. We shot 3 times and the third shoot was the best. In two hours the team explained to the 200 students what to do. It was so much fun, intense and the two hours passed in a minute!

flag Canada   University LipDub #23 - UdeM (Law School)

university Law School (Faculty) of Université de Montréal
song The Offspring - Pretty Fly
filmed/produced 08.11.2009
additional information
(by the production team)
This lipdub was made to celebrate the diversity and the intensity of our faculty's spirit. We wanted it to be catchy, funny, full of punches and references: lawyers, the school's association, our journal, 1st year groups, athletes, law games, parties... and even a reference at UQAM's lipdub!
We first had the idea of creating a lipdub during the summer 2009. The preparation and creation took place progressively during the month of september and october.
Finally, we shot the lipdub in 3hours on sunday, november 8th 2009. More than 130 students gathered at school for the occasion!
We had an incredible cameraman and an assistant on the shooting day. The production team was made up of 7 students, and each participated in the creation, the organisation and guided the students during the shooting.

flag United States of America   University LipDub #22 - Suffolk University

university Suffolk University
Boston, Massachusetts
song Queen - Don't Stop Me Now / Under Pressure
filmed/produced 3 weeks of pre-production, done in 3 takes. Filmed November 11th, 2009
additional information
(by the production team)
1 dedicated production crew, 8 committed student managers and 50 enthusiastic students made this LipDub possible.
After seeing all the other videos, our production tream fell in love with the concept of LipDub. We decided we would try and be the first American University to make one, and three weeks later with the help of many clubs across campus, we had chosen a song, route, and date to film. Even though Novemeber in Boston is fairly cold, we still managed to pull it all off in three takes.

flag U.S.A.   University LipDub #21 - Texas State University

university Texas State University
San Marcos, Texas
song All American Rejects - Move Along
filmed/produced 08.11.2009
additional information
(by the production team)
35 people in about 60 different parts. This took about a month to plan, but we had no idea it would be rained out the day we planned on executing it. Every single part was taught and the entire thing was filmed in less than 3 hours. First in the U.S.

flag spain   University LipDub #20 - UEMC

university Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes
Valladolid, España
song Ben Lee - Catch my disease
filmed/produced 10.02.2009
additional information
(by the production team)
Professor Jose A. Otero and his group of students of the subject Instutional Video chose this video format.
The basic idea was to show our university through music and through a sequence shot, which tours all our center's facilities.
To do this, we used 10 characters as well as plenty of extras, who gently invited the camera to follow their movements, with the purpose of giving continuity to the sequence.
We looked for originality on the part of the main actors, who were characterized in such a way -relying on creativity and innovation-, that they could outstand among the others.
We applied make up to each one of them so that they looked like mimes, and they were dressed in such a way that the various university faculties and degrees as well as the very slogan of the university, "In person", were all represented.

flag canada   University LipDub #19 - UQAM

university UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Montréal, Canada
song Black Eyed Peas - I gotta feeling
filmed/produced september 10th from 4:00PM to 6:15PM
additional information
(by the production team)
2 directors (1 cameraman), 1 assistant director , 1 assistant cameraman, 1 steward, 1 graphist and responsable of accessories
It was directed, for fun, during the orientation week. It took us a month to be well-prepared. On the shooting day, we had to count all the participants and split them in four groups, to explain them, one by one, what they would have to do. In fact, they didn't know before what they were suppose to do.
In 2h15min, we had to count them, to explain everything, had 2 rehearsals and 2 takes! The second take was the good one. This lipdub, made for fun by 2 television students, has been viewed around the world and on CNN. A making of will be available soon...

flag Brazil   University LipDub #18 - FACCAMP Brazil

university Campo Limpo Paulista College (FACCAMP), Brazil
1st semester of Social Communication
song Ultramen - Santo Forte
filmed/produced 04/2009 - 06/2009
additional information
(by the production team)
Professor Hilrio Pereira and 56 students.
Here in Brazil, even though there is a lot of social inequality, we brazilians always find a way to help each other, to make this place a better place to live. So the sentence "God is Brazilian" is used to describe a lot of difficult situations and problems that are solved. And this music talks about this message.
So, that's why we decided to pick it. The production was not easy, because it took us a long time to create and organize everything for the clip, and I, as a professor, had only the regular classes to make the video, we couldn't produce anything during the weekends for example. But everything worked out because all the students were very exited.
Almost forgot, we used the camera Canon A1H1.

flag France   University LipDub #17 - ENSIC

university Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques (ENSIC), France
song Kate Perry - Hot'N Cold
filmed/produced 28.05.2009
additional information
(by the production team)
82 Students, 3 teachers, 1 cut (to introduce a "Shake, shake, shake" in the middle), 1 student for all technical aspects.
The background is our school, from the Entrance through classrooms and labs, to finish in our "Foyer", Student Reserved Area.

flag France   University LipDub #16 - EMLYON

university EMLYON Business School
song Triim - Pop the music
Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star
filmed/produced 05/2009
additional information
(by the production team)
We followed University Lipdub guidelines: it only has been shot by EMLYON's students and with about 300 other students on the campus.
For everyone and our two directors it has been a wonderful afternoon! We also present to you our idea of adding a music extract during the lipdub. We all hope you'll like it!

flag France   University LipDub #15 - Essec Business School Paris

university Essec Business School, Paris
song Black Eyed Peas - Let's get it started
filmed/produced 21.05. - 06.06.2009
additional information
(by the production team)
200 participants, all of them students from Essec Business School, representing the school throughout 30 associations on the campus.
We wanted to show the different ambiances that exist in our school, from the japanese associations to the cheerleaders and the morrocan dances.

flag french   University LipDub #14 - ESC Dijon

university ESC Dijon
Burgundy School of Business Dijon-Paris
song Gonzales - Working Together
filmed/produced 06.05.2009
additional information
(by the production team)
The purpose was to share the project between professors, administration and students. (80 students, 5 professors, 15 persons of the administration)

flag Germany   University LipDub #13 - EBS Oestrich-Winkel

university European Business School, Oestrich-Winkel, Germany
songs Dyane Taylor - Tell It To My Heart
The Beach Boys - I Get Around
filmed/produced 04/2009
additional information
(by the production team)
First Multi Culti Lip Dup from EBS European Business School Oestrich-Winkel.
Thank you everybody, especially all the Tauschies and all the Germans that were ready for the movie. We hope they we will do another one next semester with more preparation and all the promotions! Would be great!

flag Canada   University LipDub #12 - HEC Montréal

university HEC Montréal
Business School part of Université de Montréal, Québec, Canada
song Bryan Adams - Summer of 69
filmed/produced 05.04.2009
additional information
(by the production team)
There were 172 students involved, representing more than 25 nationalities. Our 5th take was the good one.
The idea is to have a mix between old-fashionned "Summer of 69" video and energetic scenes with plenty of references to our "live and study" three-year program (Bachelor in Business Administration). We thought it was a good souvenir of our studies at HEC, which is also why "Summer of 69", a quite nostalgic song, was chosen eventually.

flag Belgium   University LipDub #11 - IHECS

university IHECS (L'Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications Sociales)
Communication School based in Brussels
song Banana Split
filmed/produced 03.04.2009
additional information
(by the production team)
More than a 100 students, 10 teachers and loads of fun.

flag german   University LipDub #10 - LMU München

university Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Munich, Germany
song Wolfgang Ostermeier - LMU
filmed/produced 14.03.2009
additional information
(by the production team)
What is the best way to present your university? Write your own song about something every student has experienced during the first months at university in some way. Then create a LipDub that mirrors the events described in the song. Include people who have fun and finally share your work with the world.
Created by five students of Media Informatics at the university of Munich and many volunteers behind and in front of the camera.

flag french   University LipDub #9 - Ecole Polytechnique

university Ecole Polytechnique
Palaiseau, France
song Roger Glover - Love is All
filmed/produced March 2009
additional information
(by the production team)
The idea is to show all the extra-activities of the students of our school in an original way. We asked everybody to wear a hat, in order to have a common point between all the students for this scene.
Realized by the video-club of Polytechnique: APV&JTX. We had a glidecam.

flag france   University LipDub #8 - Institut Notre Dame de la Providence

university Institut Notre Dame de la Providence
22 place Notre Dame, 57100, Thionville - France
song Grégoire - TOI+MOI
filmed/produced February 27 - March 5
additional information
(by the production team)
We have done this video within our studies. We were looking for an original idea to present our university and we did... THIS!
All the persons singing in this video are students from our class and are going to pass their exam in May. We hope this video will make them lucky.

flag canada   University LipDub #7 - HEC Montréal

university HEC Montréal
song Abba - Mamma Mia
filmed/produced 15.03.2009
additional information
(by the production team)
On March 15 2009, the students of HEC Montréal shot their lipdub, on the song Mamma Mia, by ABBA. Almost 150 students took part in the project! Enjoy the video!

flag french   University LipDub #6 - "Le Méchant lipdub"

university IUT Belfort/Montbéliard
"Le Méchant lipdub"
song Les Tock'art - La confession de Monsieur Connard
filmed/produced 12.03.2009
additional information
(by the production team)
353 persons (world record) / 6 teachers / 1 director / 1 steadycamer / 27 people in project team.
The "Méchant lipdub" summary: To succeed a really participative project with more than 350 participant. To elaborate a new visual vocabulary based on existent freeze and lipdub. To teach students how to manage an elaborated factual project. To take riks and to defend the song of a group whose members are taking lessons at the IUT. To celebrate the 40 years of Belfort-Montbéliard IUT...

flag french   University LipDub #5 - Mines de Saint Etienne

university Mines de Saint Etienne
Engineering school in Saint Etienne
song Scissor Sisters - I don't feel like dancin'
filmed/produced 27.01.2009
additional information
(by the production team)
"This Lipdub has been realized by the 3rd year students. It was a challenge we wanted to achieve.
It took us one month to prepare everything and 8 shots to get to the one you can see. It is one of the first high definition lipdub!"

flag french   University LipDub #4 - Université de POITIERS

university PFP Biologie Santé de l'Université de POITIERS
Master Génie Physiologique et Informatique (Gphy) & Master Génie Biologie Cellulaire (Gcell)
song Scissor Sisters - I don't feel like dancin'
filmed/produced 18.12.2008
additional information
(by the production team)
1 director / 3 professors / 56 students
"We wanted to have a remember of our last year at school. So we had the idea to produce a movie where everyone can appear. And a libdup was the best solution. A vote was setting up to choose the music. We needed 3 weeks for the repetition."

flag french   University LipDub #3 - HEC Paris

university HEC Paris
french business school, located in Jouy-en-Josas (near Paris)
song Mika - Lollipop
filmed/produced 12/2008
additional information
(by the production team)
The "Lollidub" team is made of six L3 students: Olivier Cassat, Augustien de Belloy, Emmanuelle Malcase, Elena Schmitt, Morgane Quéré and Nicolas Slomka.

We directed and edited this video with the help and motivation of the students and the administration. Involving 120 students and the directors.

flag french   University LipDub #2 - SRC Rouen

university Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Rouen -
Département Services & Réseaux de Communication
song Michael Jackson - Thriller
filmed/produced 07.10.2008
additional information
(by the production team)
140 persons, 1 teacher, 1 steadycam, 9 people at the technical staff.
11 different settings with just as many costumes and situations (goths, jockeys, rich kids, ect.).

The viewer is lead through our entire university and is able to appreciate our material and locals.

flag german   University LipDub #1 - HFU Furtwangen

university Hochschule Furtwangen University
faculty Digital Media
song Nine Days - 257 Weeks
filmed/produced 22.06.2008
additional information
(by the production team)
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