The Project

Screenshot Video - University LipDub

Present your own university with your self-made University LipDub video production. Show the whole world that studying does not have to be boring. On the contrary, it is great fun!

What do you do after studying?

The idea for University LipDub originally came from six students at the Faculty of Digital Media (at the Hochschule Furtwangen University in Germany). They produced the University LipDub video within one semester including conception and realization.
More than sixty people, including "singers", extras, assistants and professors, contributed their passion and made the impossible possible. The result is a short exciting video, taking the viewer through lecture rooms, computer rooms, recording studios and many other parts of the university building.

One Single Shot

In the whole sequence, what some of you may not believe, there is no single cut! You can call it "plan sequence" or "single shot". To choose an action like this was one of the great demands we decided to face on this production. Although this needed a complex conception the result compensates the invested time. We hope other students will meet a similar challenge, notice the few guidelines and tips and produce their own University LipDub.

Furtwangen does the first step...

Furtwangen University started with the first University LipDub. Now it's your turn...